Our mission is to Connect you with the WORLD OF TALENT



Workforce Control

The idea is to keep core team lean and add experts for critical project support without adding to permanent headcount. AMELIO IT Solutions maintains a network of highly qualified consultants to choose that meet your individual and business needs.

Access to Talent

Highly trained, upwardly software experts with specific technical expertise to handle your essential tasks. Our network of highly qualified professionals bring an impressive array of skills, including hardware, software, OS, databases and programming languages.

100% Satisfaction

Constant, ongoing communication assures a smooth and successful contract experience. Any issues are addressed quickly and proactively without disruption to your business.

Diversity Initiative Partners

We recruit for your specific diversity initiatives and partner with woman- and minority-owned businesses to respond to 100% of your diversity staffing needs. We also maintain relationships with women-owned and minority-owned vendors and subcontractors.

Peace of Mind

Each of our contract consultant is covered by our general liability, workers’ compensation and employer liability insurance. As the employer of record, AMELIO IT Solutions is responsible for all federal, state and local tax regulation and withholding.

Full Compliance

As employer of record, we provide liability and workers’ comp insurance, and manage all pay and withholding.

About Us

Know us better!

Change is inevitable, but it’s possible to adapt and even thrive with AMELIO IT Solutions Contract, Contract-to-hire and direct hire staffing options. This wide range of solutions allows you to take a more strategic approach to acquiring resources. By remaining nimble, you can easily adapt to changing project objectives, implement new projects or deftly take a new direction.

Talent Solutions Overview


Scale your team for projects of any size or demand spikes, implementations, upgrades or rollouts. Access specialized skill sets on as-needed basis.


Assess a candidate on assignment to ensure a strong talent and cultural fit before extending an offer.

  Career Placement

Streamline your search with AMELIO IT Solutions handle sourcing and screening of candidates. You choose from only the most highly qualified prospects.

  Talent Pool

Our Talent Pool is managed through a ‘state of art’ Technology such as Lateral Recruitment, Business Ready resources, Internal Talent Pool, Allocation, Customer specific training, induction and orientation. We offer Talent in a variety of engagement models to our customer and below is a list including, but not limited to skills / competencies that we support recruitment for a wide range of positions:

Quality Assurance Automation & Manual Software Developer
Mobile Developer Web Developer
Front-End Developer Business Analyst
Systems Analyst Applications & Systems Security
Project Manager Program Manager
Project Coordinator Solutions Architect
Software Engineer Technical Lead
Systems Engineer Technical Writer


Our mission is to connect you with the world of talent

  Managed IT Services

The culture of the company needs to be communicated from the start. Do not lose our on the top talent by underselling your business. Find out how AMELIO IT Solutions can help your recruitment strategy & help in developing your employer brand.

  HR - IT Consultancy

Your Human Resource strategy is very important for achieving the business growth and objectives. It has the power of ensuring that employees are motivated and engaged and are working towards that goals of the business. This is where our expertise is precious.

  Expert Advisor

Our approach is indicative with years of experience in IT Industry. We are known for acknowledging with precise accuracy to every client brief and deliver exactly what you require.

  Background Verification

We provide a wide spectrum of employee background screening services. Background check is essential to take your business to the next level. The growth of any organization is dependent on the quality of employees. Hiring the right candidate is a catalyst to taking your business to greater height.


Our commitment to clients

Easy to Do Business

  • Our team members are empowered to make decisions, and don’t have to navigate layers of red tape in order to help clients succeed. We’ll continue to grow, but we won’t act like a big company.

Top Problem Solvers

  • Our Teams are experienced practitioners, providing solutions that accelerate timelines and provide help to realize successful outcomes. And if we align with a technology provider, we’ll be in their top tier of partners.

Memorable Experiences

  • Expertise may set us apart, but passion puts us ahead. We aim to deliver value beyond what’s specified in the contract, and to always bring energy and creativity to the table. It never hurts to have fun along the way.


Love to Hear From You